Monday, October 02, 2006

Just Don't Get It

The first review article in the most recent New York Review of Books features Frank Rich reviewing a spate of books by Democratic politicians and commentators offering policy prescriptions for the near future. Rich is, on the whole dismissive, but Rich misses the larger point because he does what he criticizes one of the authors, Peter Beinart, for doing - he ignores the fact that what he calls "the left" (which he never defines, but seems to equate with "venting bloggers") were right about the Bush Administration, especially the fiasco in Iraq, from the get-go. There has yet to be a news report that affirms even a centrist - "Let's stay in till it gets better" - approach.
On the larger "War on Terror" - of which there is little evidence for such a thing - why pursue it? You do not wage war on a tactic. Why are we allowing ourselves to be drawn into a debate on such an issue?
Of course, there are other issues that prove the Republicans have abrogated any consideration as a serious ruling party for a generation - the recent torture bill, the refusal to do even cursory oversight of the Executive Branch, the attempt to dismantle a tax structure that works well. The Democrats have the advantage of being "Not Republicans", and except for a handful (the worst offender being Joe Lieberman) who continue to support Bush (for what reason I am simply unable to marshall enough resources to fathom), that should be enough. The demand by some that the Democrats come up with "a plan" misses the point. The Republican plan has destroyed our economy, our military, our international credibility, and soon our Constitution. We need no plan, but a return to balanced, Constitutional government.
Rich and other pundits still operate as if the bunch in Washington were another group that played by the rules that have existed for a generation and a half. They don't. One would think the accumulated evidence of the past five years would suffice to prove that we have a bunch of amoral adventurists in power, a group that needs to be constrained, even removed, as soon as possible for the sake of our country, and the whole world.


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