Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Connecting the Dots

There have been four REPUBLICAN Congressmen who have been forced to resign because of scandals, two of whom are in federal prison. The REPUBLICAN majority leader of the Senate in under investigation for improper stock trading, as well as recently saying that we need to bow to the inevitable and allow the Taliban into the Afghan government (I thought it was the Democrats who were soft on terror?). The Conservatvie Christians are lining up behind Speaker Hastert, equating Foley's pedophilia with Bill Clinton's adultery, and pedophilia with homosexuality. It is REPUBLICAN Newt Gingrich who claimed that the Republicans may have not acted in a timely matter for fear of appearing homophobic (that is the most cognitively dissonant statement I have yet to hear concering the whole mess that has been a cornucopia of congnitive dissonance).
In the meantime, North Korea announces it will test a nuclear weapon, more Americans die in combat in Iraq, Rumsfeld tries to beat his tin drum over Venezuela (of all the ludicrous places), the Constitution lies shredded after last week's horrid torture bill (after years of abuse at the hands of a REPUBLICAN CONTROLLED Congress), and Bob Woodward reveals what everyone knew anyway - that our current administration is ideological to the point of being preferring ignorance to any truth that may disturb their plans, and the leaders are simply delusional concerning the mess they have made in Iraq.
These dots I present to you to connect as we move inexorably toward election day.


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