Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Moving Forward the Day After we Remebered

Taps has been played. Tears have been shed. We all shared where we were, what we were doing, how we coped, how we didn't cope. It is now time to return to the present, to do the work we must do if we are to honor our dead justly. It is now time to take up again the struggle for justice and peace - not war, vengeance, and coroporate profit - and seek with humility and in full awareness of our own faults and limits to move our country forward. We must take back what is ours by right, tradition, and law. We must never flag in our insistence that our dead are not avenged in a fruitless war and occupation. We must never cease shouting from the rooftops that we are losing ourselves as a people because we have sold our freedoms for the fake security of secret prisons, torture, humiliation, and the death of the Other. We must never stop weeping over the innocent dead at our own hand. We must use our grief, our righteous anger, our fierce love, to embrace those whom the powers that be would deem our enemy. We must love, and love more, and still give and give even when we are weary and we feel that no one listens (or reads) and we are blind leaders of a blind nation. We must never forget that our hope does not, in the end, lie in politics, in words or deeds or plans from our own cleverness. Our hope lies in the promise that God is in charge, knows what we need before we even ask it, and will lead us out of the wilderness through which we have wandered for all these years. That is where our faith rests, the source of our hope, and the reason for the courage to love. It seems, at times, a slender reed, because there is so little evidence for hope, for faith, or for love.
What else do we have?


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