Monday, September 11, 2006

. . . And then there's Jim Wallis

An article linked through Faith in Public takes two steps back as liberal and progressive Christians, evangelical and mainstream, struggle to make their voices heard. I feel particularly piqued at Wallis over this because, ahem, not too long ago in this very blog I was saying similar things (no, I won't tell you where, I am too embarassed by them now). I have come to realize over the past summer, as I have been contacted by other progressive Christians, and seen their comments and their own struggles, that we must move beyond the false "either/or" that lies behind much of the right. Openness and inclusivity, dialogue and growth require a surrender of the prideful thought that we may have a right answer or two where other, less-enlightened folks are misguided. I would rather try to talk to, and listen to, those with whom I disagree, than I would call them "bad Christians" and insist they have nothing worth hearing to bring to any table.
I may disagree with them, but so what? I certainly have no monopoly on truth, and it is long past time to call each other names. We need to find areas of common assent, places where we can reach out to the world, together, in faith and hope and love, together as children of God of Jesus Christ. Didn't Jesus die on the cross for Pat Robertson, too?


At 12:59 AM, Anonymous Existential Punk said...

Here, Here! Fabulous and balanced post! Awesome. P.S. Found you on a comment at pomomusings! Adele


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